About Us

CLAPS Preschool is ...

...an independent preschool , nursery , daycare that provides a fun, friendly and positive environment for children in the age range of 18 months - 6 years 

Education is not just rote learning.
It is about life itself. This is the philosophy one should adopt while teaching and learning.

The novelty is not in what is taught, but in how it is taught. This fresh approach and dimension in teaching and freshness in thoughts is what makes the CLAPS knowledge cascade to glory.

At CLAPS -Every child is provided teaching that goes beyond classroom learning and that help them prepare themselves for the future challenges confidently. Their progress is measured not just based on their academic performance but on their overall development that includes their analytical skills and personality developments.

CLAPS value the uniqueness of each child as both a gift and an opportunity. Our integrated curriculum presents a uniqueness that is supported and enhanced by a learning environment that is respectful of the child as he/she seeks to make meaning of the socio-cultural context in which he/she lives.

Our approach makes Teaching and learning fun where in..

  • Children are respected as strong and competent learners, curious and interested in their world

  • Children are encouraged and acknowledged as sophisticated thinkers and communicators.

  • Knowledge is constructed through reciprocal and responsive interactions

  • Play and conversation are central modes of learning

  • We partner with parents and recognize them as the child's first educator

  • We provide many opportunities to engage young learners with a range of materials and resources that extend and challenge their thinking.

Upcoming Events:
Farm Visit - 30.08.2017

Farms are a magical place for little eyes and hands!

To identify animals as they stand before your baby or toddler, carries so much weight as they are absorbing vocabulary words. As they become preschoolers, you can begin to identify differences in male vs. female vocabulary in regards to the animals.

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